SERCI/EPIP Joint Plenary panel: Compensating creators

Presenters: Christian Handke (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Ruben Gutierrez Del Castillo (Fundacion Autor), Peter Jenner (Sincere Management), Nicola Solomon (Society of Authors), John Street (University of East Anglia), Eva Van Passel (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Panel Abstract
Copyright law provides the basis for rewarding creators but it neither ensures that they are paid nor that earnings sufficiently compensate them for the investment of their time and human capital in creating protected works. What determines compensation in that sense is the market value of the contractual and institutional arrangements that exist for payment. Another sense of the term compensation is the ‘equitable remuneration’ for the use of their works in a licensing scheme over which they have no control; in this case, assessing the value of rights is difficult without the guidance of market prices. Social scientists specializing in copyright, including members of this panel, have studied both these aspects, producing data that has implications for policy on copyright and for cultural supply in general; other members of the panel belong to organisations representing creators, whose views are important for further academic research.

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