Knocking on Heaven’s Door – User preferences on digital cultural distribution

Authors: Joan-Josep Vallbe (University of Barcelona), Balazs Bodo (University of Amsterdam), Joao Quintais (University of Amsterdam) and Christian Handke (Erasmus University)

This paper explores the social, demographic and attitudinal basis of consumer support to a change from the status quo in digital cultural distribution. First we identify how different online and offline, legal and illegal, free and paying content acquisition channels are used in the Dutch media market using a cluster-based classification of respondents according to their cultural consumption. Second, we assess the effect of cultural consumption on the support to the introduction of a Copyright Compensation System (CCS), which, for a small monthly fee would legalize currently infringing online social practices such as private copying from illegal sources and online sharing of copyrighted works. Finally, we link these two analyses to identify the factors that drive the dynamics of change in digital cultural consumption habits.

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