Factors affecting the diffusion of nanotechnologies as a new technological paradigm across countries. A patent analysis, 1990-2013

Authors: Edgar Acatitla (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Iztapalapa) and Alenka Guzmán (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Iztapalapa)

The aim of this research is to analyze the factors affecting the diffusion of the new technological paradigm of nanotechnologies (NNP) across countries. First, we estimate the probability of diffusion NNP and we propose a binomial model to find out the factors contributing to it, by using the USPTO patents database. Our research hypothesis states that by considering the forward patent citation (FPC) as a NNP diffusion proxy variable we subscribe [1], the highest probability of diffusion of the nanotechnologies in the countries, is positively related with the following variables of the patent cited: claims, stock of previous knowledge, greater extension towards technological fields, technological cooperation, size of inventor teams, mobility of inventors, academic and private sector links, the institutional effort in nanotech innovation, participation of large private firms and the lower FPC lag time. According to our estimations, the claims, the international mobility of researchers and the technological fields scope have a positive effect on the NNP diffusion. The impact of the institutional efforts is not yet significant. The NNP diffusion and specialization differs across countries.

[1] If the patent P2 cite patent P, suggest that there are knowledge flows from patent P1 to patent P2 (Hall, et al.; 2001).

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