Digitisation and changes in Windowing strategies in the Television Industry

Author: Gillian Doyle (University of Glasgow)

The business of managing and maximizing the returns from rights in television content is changing because of transformations in the way that television is distributed and in how audiences access, pay for and consume content. The fundamental catalyst has been growth of the internet and, alongside this, the recent rapid development of on-demand television. This paper, drawing on findings from an ongoing project on ‘Converging Technologies and Business Models’ which forms part of the CREATe programme of research, examines how UK and international television companies are adjusting their strategies for exploitation of the economic value in IPRs in television content. It assesses how digitization and growth of the internet are affecting the ability of rights owners to segment audiences and deploy the strategies that traditionally have allowed revenues to be maximized. Findings presented, which are based on an empirical investigation of the experience of leading UK and international television producers and rights owners, highlight how television companies at all stages in the supply chain are attempting to future-proof their businesses by adopting a multi-platform approach, straddling both linear and OTT distribution.

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