Differences in copyright institutions and practices in the field of literature in Norway and the Nordic Region

Author: Tore Slaatta (University of Oslo)

Although the Nordic countries have similar legislative frameworks for managing copyright and parallell cultural policy institutions and traditions, the practices and institutional frameworks for extended licencing and collecting societies differ. This article lays out the foundation of the Norwegian system within literature and book publishing, particularly within non-fiction literature, and propose a research project that compares and contrasts it to the other Nordic systems. Questions will be raised both concerning the history of these systems, and their present states, considering the challenges from digitalization and the increasing impact of global industrial competition in the domestic cultural sectors. Questions that will be asked are: What are the historical determinants behind the formation of collecting societies and the practices related to extended licensing. How does historical differences in the Nordic countries translate into the nuts and bolts of the present systems? How can variations among the Nordic systems be explained, and does these variations matter, when it comes to tackling the challenges of digitalization and increasing globalisation. In other words, how do these systems presently work? The presentation will focus on the history and functioning of Norwegian system, as a point of departure.

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