Address by Kamil Kiljanski to #epip2015

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Address by Kamil Kiljanski (Chief Economist, Directorate-General Internal Market and Industry (DG GROW), European Commission) to the delegates of EPIP 2015.

A year has passed since EPIP 2014 edition was hosted by the European Commission and the European Parliament in Brussels. The idea – for which the credit goes to Prof. Patrick Waelbroeck, Kerstin Jorna and Malwina Mejer – to embed the conference at the premises of the European Parliament was quite symbolic of the synergy between policy making and the creation of an evidence base underpinning this policy.

Many things have changed since last year’s EPIP. Better Regulation Package adopted by the Juncker Commission on 19th of May 2015 will transform the Impact Assessment Board into an even more independent watchdog, represented equally by the Commission as well as external experts. A clear signal that data is preferred to dogma.

Other things have not changed – we … still keep talking about copyright reform… With all due respect to copyright though, there are other forms of IP ‘life’ in the corridors of the EU Institutions in Brussels. The reform of the EU trademark regulation will soon enter into force. After not 40 days, but 40 years of fasting in rather difficult legislative desert conditions, the unitary patent will soon arrive, and this opens the door to, say, European Supplementary Protection Certification (SPC). There is also loads of activity around IP enforcement, trade secrets and maybe even non-agricultural geographical indications.

Whatever the IP theme, EPIP is the arena where scientific discussion takes place, and where the evidence needed to guide policy-making is nurtured. CREATe’s efforts in underlining and promoting the importance of empirical evidence is exemplary. We spent quite some time with Prof. Martin Kretschmer on handpicking the items for this year’s call for papers. So please rest assured – all this is strictly RELEVANT. And now we count on policy predictions which are not obvious, reliable and useful for policy making. We’re open to accepting the verdict of the data. Bring it on! Have a great EPIP!