Access to Data Panel Response

Responding: Nathan Wajsman (OHIM), Kamil Kiljanski (European Commission DG Internal Market and Industry), Pippa Hall (UK Intellectual Property Office), Mosahid Khan (WIPO)

Response Abstract
Data issues are not unique to copyright. Even where published registers of IP rights exist, they can be out of date, confusing, or lack transparency. Four leading IP Office economists will address key questions about IP rights data which affect not only research but also the way in which these rights fulfil their economic function in real markets.

  • what data do we need to tell us what the system of rights is doing to the economy?
  • what data do we need to design and demonstrate better policy?
  • how to get data into the public domain, or better organised?
  • what data do we need to make markets work, and how can we convince people that it’s worth doing?

These questions are applicable not just for copyright, but also to other forms of IP, even where we have registers we don’t have usage data to tell us how the system is working or to inform markets.

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